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International Symposium 2018 11.06 - 20.06.


Let me invite you to the selective procedure of


14. International Symposium of Underglaze Painting

“traditions and possibilities  2018“

11.6 . 2018 – 20. 6. 2018,


The Sympozium will take place under the auspices of the director PhDr. Helena Koenigsmarková of Museum of Applied Arts in Prague, in the studios of Faculty of Art nad Design in Dubi, Tovarní street 50.

It will be possible to realize the underglaze paint in pure cobalt oxide.

The Painters´ Symposium is divided into two parts, the obligatory and a discipline of your choice. In the first obligatory discipline, all applicants are supposed to hand decorate the following bisque fired shapes according to their own sketches.                

  1. a) porcelain plates nebo porcelain tile 36x26 cm                   4 pcs
  2. b) salad dish square                                                                  2 pcs
  3. c) Vase 1210/3                                                                            1 pcs
  4. d) house sign (circle with a diameter of 44,5 cm)                  1 pcs
  5. e) house sign (circle with a diameter of 44,5 cm) for UPM    1 pcs

These products will be used for exhibitions and openings, dates of opening 20. 6. 2018 at 3.00 pm., In the premises of the Cistercian monastery in Osek.

Those chosen pieces of art will be the permanent property of Cesky porcelan a.s., who will then sell them in auctions to cover the expenses connected with organizing this event.

After the applicants hand in the obligatory items, they have the possibility to paint the same products for themselves.

The workplace of each artist will be equipped with:

  • A table with adjustable deck
  • Needed colours and painting equipment

Lunch will be free in the factory ( lunch – not included  on Saturdays and Sundays)

Czech porcelain Inc. Will provide accommodation in the Cistercian monastery in Osek

A team of specialists in firing and glazing procedures of Cesky Porcelan a.s. is prepared to provide it’s assistance if needed.

Applications for this event will be selected by presidium of symposium.

On a day specified during the symposium, the authorised committee will notify which pieces have been chosen for the exhibition.

All finished pieces will be concentrated in a small conference room where the artists will be given an opportunity to view them.

The token fee of 280,- Euro will be paid by each artist on the day of entry at the cashier of  Cesky porcelan a.s.

If you are comfortable with the conditions given above, return the attached application before 30.4.2018 to the following address:                      

                                               Petra Zajanová          

                                               Cesky porcelan, akciova spolecnost

                                               Tovarni 605/17

                                               417 01 Dubí I

add onto your envelope SYMPO 2018.

In case of a high number of applicants, the decision will be made by presidium. You will receive that by 15.5.2018.